Vin Bouquet Wine Aerator

Vin Bouquet Wine Aerator

Quick Overview

Improve the aroma and bouquet of your wine instantly with the Vin Bouquet Wine Aerator Set.

Wine connoisseurs will love how the Vin Bouquet Wine Aerator enhances the rich taste of their wine. With its easy-to-use design, this device makes unlocking the flavours and aromas of your wine quick and simple. It creates an intermediary stage that helps infuse the wine with oxygen, activating the wine’s delicate bouquet and aromas. 

The Vin Bouquet wine aerator can be placed on the mouth of the decanting vessel, and uses the venturi effect to aerate your wine instantly. The wide mouth at the top ensures you don’t waste a single drop, while the fine mesh basket catches any unwanted sediment. The clear chamber is the elegant shape of a champagne flute and you can see your wine being aerated as your pour. 

Set Includes:

  • Aerator
  • Aerator Individual Base
  • Aerator Filter
  • Velvet embroidered bag


Key Features:

  • Decant instantly with Aerator set
  • Designed so you never loose a drop
  • Stylish and practical set
  • Perfect as a gift – comes gift boxed
  • Removes unwanted sediment from wine


About Vin Bouquet

Vin Bouquet is a Spanish manufacturer of barware and wine accessories. In addition to adding new products to its catalogue regularly, the brand also renovates and improves its existing items to enhance customer satisfaction. Its best-sellers include the seasonal gift sets, the innovative ChillStick, aerators and decanters.

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