Vacu Vin Wine Essentials Gift Set

Vacu Vin Wine Essentials Gift Set

Quick Overview

The Vacu Vin Wine Essentials Set is the perfect gift for any wine lover. With this set, the wine can be cooled, opened, served and even stored. 

The Vacu Vin Wine Essentials Set is the perfect addition to any home bar and it also makes the perfect gift for any wine lover. The Active Wine Cooler can chill drinks after only 5 minutes and can keep it cool for hours! Simple keep in the freezer when not in use so that you’re ready to go when you pop open your the next bottle of your favourite wine. The Vacu Vin Corkscrew is a compact light weight design which features a double hinged mechanism which can be used for opening crown caps. The vacuum pump with wine stoppers preserves your wine after opening. The vacuum indicator clicks when a vacuum is reached. Last but not least, the wine server will pour your wine smoothly and with no drips!

Set Includes:

  • Corkscrew and Foil Cutter
  • Active Cooler
  • Vacuum Pump with Wine Stoppers
  • Wine Server

Key Features:

  • Vacu Vin Wine Essentials Gift Set
  • Chills drinks in 5 minutes
  • Keeps drinks cool for hours
  • Easy to slide on and off wine bottles
  • Protects wine when transporting
  • Great for picnics, BBQ’s or keeping wine cold at the dinner table
  • Preserve your wine after opening with the Vacuum Pump
  • Non drip wine server
  • Double hinged mechanism on the corkscrew can be used for crown caps

About Vacu Vin

It all began in 1986 when Mr Bernd Schneider, founder of Vacu Vin, came up with the idea for the Vacuum Wine Saver. His idea for the Wine Saver sprang directly from the taste of spoiled wine. Together with his brother John, an engineer, he developed a device to preserve opened bottles of wine. Today, the Vacuum Wine Saver is used in over 35 million households in more than 80 countries throughout the world. In 1986 Vacu Vin was founded to manufacture and distribute the Vacuum Wine Saver, soon to be followed by the introduction of many other innovative houseware products. Today, the Vacu Vin product range has proven its success by being granted over 20 international Design and Trade Awards.

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