Vacu Vin Swirling Carafe 750ml

Vacu Vin Swirling Carafe 750ml

Quick Overview

Enhance the flavours of your favourite wines with the beautiful Vacu Vin Swirling Carafe.  It’s gentle swirling turntable allows your wine to turn and roll with a gentle push as well as acting as an eye catching centrepiece on your table.

This stunning but functional centrepiece maximizes aeration, enhancing aromas and flavours as it aerates your wine.  With a gentle push it rotates in the cork base and swirls your favourite red to instantly age it before it hits your palate!  


Key Features:

  • Vacu Vin Swirling Carafe
  • Rolls and turns your wine with a gentle push
  • Capacity 750ml
  • Aerate your favourite wines
  • Elegant design
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Made in Netherlands
  • Gift boxed

 About Vacu Vin

It all began in 1986 when Mr Bernd Schneider, founder of Vacu Vin, came up with the idea for the Vacuum Wine Saver. His idea for the Wine Saver sprang directly from the taste of spoiled wine. Together with his brother John, an engineer, he developed a device to preserve opened bottles of wine. Today, the Vacuum Wine Saver is used in over 35 million households in more than 80 countries throughout the world. In 1986 Vacu Vin was founded to manufacture and distribute the Vacuum Wine Saver, soon to be followed by the introduction of many other innovative houseware products. Today, the Vacu Vin product range has proven its success by being granted over 20 international Design and Trade Awards.



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