Stephanie Alexander Utensil Holder

Stephanie Alexander Utensil Holder

Quick Overview

Carry and store your cooking utensils in this rustic looking Utensil Holder by Stephanie Alexander.

Get the most out of home grown fruit and veg with Stephanie Alexander’s delightful signature collection of kitchen and garden essentials. Ideal for storing your cooking utensils and favourite gadgets, the Stephanie Alexander Utensil Holder is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This stylish utensil holder has a handle that makes it easy to lift and carry when needed. It has a rustic look finish that would look great on any kitchen bench or table!  

Key Features:

  • Stephanie Alexander Utensil Holder
  • 13cm x 18cm (base is 15cm)
  • Includes handle for easy lifting and moving
  • Perfect for kitchen utensils
  • Rustic look finish
  • Makes a perfect gift

About Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander is considered a trusted friend by Australian food lovers. Her book The Cooks Companion can be found in over 500,000 Australian homes. She loves to cook, harvest from her garden and believes there is no greater joy than sharing food, conversation and laughter around the table. Stephanie now brings Australia her signature collection of kitchen and gardens essentials. 


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