SolidTeknics Aus-Ion One Piece Skillet 18cm

SolidTeknics Aus-Ion One Piece Skillet 18cm

Quick Overview

This seamless one-piece 18cm Aus-Ion Skillet from SolidTeknics cooks like the top quality French steel pans, but with Australian initiative! It is non toxic, ultra durable and guaranteed to last for generations. And it’s Australian made, making it the perfect every day skillet for your home.

This innovative Aus-Ion One Piece Skillet offers the latest in technology from SolidTeknics!  The 18cm pan behaves like the finest quality french cast iron pans, but has been constructed from clean sustainable Australian Iron for higher performance.

This essential frypan is Made in Australia, manufactured from low-carbon steel and is clean and seamless. It is one piece of clean Australian Iron (low carbon steel) – no rivet heads to clean food out of, no warping and no wobbly handles. Zero failures and maximum durability.

The Australian Iron delivers fast even heat conduction on any heat source including induction, electric and open flame, and has a long handle which is comfortable to grip, with the added bonus of being vented to reduce heat travel .  It is the perfect pan for cooking meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Unlike the ‘disposable’ cheaper synthetic cookware which you end up throwing away, you only buy this frypan once, and hand it down through the future generations of at home or professional cooks. It comes pre-seasoned; ready for more seasoning and cooking and there are no toxic coatings to strip. The perfect everyday skillet!

Key Features

  • Aus-Ion One Piece Skillet from SolidTeknics
  • Diameter: 18cm
  • Performs like the superior quality french pans
  • Made using one seamless piece of clean Australian Iron
  • Supreme hygiene, no wobbly handles and no warping
  • Fast, even heating on all cook tops including induction
  • Long handle which is vented to reduce heat travel
  • Superior durability; will last for generations
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Packaged in a handy calico bag for storage
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Made in Australia

About SolidTeknics

Well known for his most prominent past businesses; Füritechnics, Füri knives and diamond Fingers Sharpeners, engineer Mark Henry has launched the innovative new range of cookware in Australia known as SOLIDTEKNICS.

His patented Aus-Ion one piece iron pans are the latest and greatest in design; covering all the bases from high performance pro cooking characteristics to hygiene and environmental sustainability, these clean and seamless pans are designed to buy once, and hand on to future generations.

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