Silit Powder Cleaner

Silit Powder Cleaner

Quick Overview

The Silit ceramic cookware cleaning powder will rejuvenate your Silit ceramic cookware in no time at all. Easy to use, and perfect for all Silargan cookware.

This powerful, but gentle cookware cleaner by Silit has been specifically designed to easily clean your cookware and restore it’s original shine. This fast and effective cleaning powder is perfect for cleaning and maintaining your cooking pots, frying pans and it can even be used for cleaning ceramic cooktops. All you need to do is pour some water and a small amount of the powder to make a creamy paste into the hot cookware immediately after use. Then clean using a soft sponge. Once you have done this, simply rinse and dry using a clean cloth. It’s really that easy!

Key Features:

  • Silit Powder cleaner
  • Powerful and gentle for pots, pans and ceramic cooking zones
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Add water to make a creamy paste
  • Perfect for all Silargan, enamel and stainless steel cookware
  • 200g capacity
  • Perfect for cleaning stubborn stains

About Silit

Quality, function, innovation and Made in Germany! For decades Silit has stood for top-of-the-line products which make the mark by virtue of their excellent quality, optimal functionality and sophiscated design. Trail-blazing innovations such as the Sicomatic or the nickel-free, anti-bacterial high-tech cookware materials Silargan and e30 have revolutionized the world of wellness cuisine. Thanks to modern technologies, cutting-edge product development and consistently high “Made in Germany” quality, Silit has become an internationally market-leading manufacturer of products for the modern kitchen. We put passion and know-how into our unceasing efforts to make cooking easier, more plaesurable, more healthy and ecologically beneficial all the time. design is an integral component of Silit’s entrepreneurial philosophy. Numerous awards have confirmed the exceptional esthetics and design of Silit products.

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