Serroni Vino Gondola Drinks Tub Clear

Serroni Vino Gondola Drinks Tub Clear

Quick Overview

This big oval drinks tub by Serroni is ready to party as it keeps up to four bottles of wine or champagne chilled for hours. It can also hold  beer, soft drinks, bottled water or any other beverage. Guests will be duly impressed by the beauty of this drinks cooler, whether it be a formal indoor settling or casual outdoor entertaining.

This premier Drinks Tub by Serroni Fresco offers the height of elegant design and quality. The Vino Gondola features a unique double molded construction process. The clear outer shell and elegant design makes a bold statement. The bottom surface and rim are thicker and more durable, allowing you to carry up to four bottles with ice. The handles on either side of the tub make it easy to carry, making entertaining easy whether it be a formal indoor occasion, or casual outdoor gathering.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable polycarbonate
  • 6.8 Litre Capacity
  • Elegant design
  • For use with ice
  • Carry Handles for convenience
  • Hand wash
  • Measurements (L)35cm x (W)26cm x (H)27cm

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