Scanpan Classic Square Grill Pan 27x27cm

Scanpan Classic Square Grill Pan 27x27cm

Quick Overview

The Scanpan Classic Square Grill Pan if perfect for grilling your favourite steak, chicken, fish and vegetables. Featuring a solid pressure cast aluminium with a ceramic titanium non-stick surface with spring-locked phenolic plastic handle. (oven-safe to 260C) Dishwasher safe, although hand washing recommended. Although the Grill doesn’t come Gift Boxed, we will take extra care in packaging this item in order to reach you safely.

The Scanpan Classic grill will cook your meat and veggies with that nice sear line you get with the barbie, and the bonus is, it’s easy to clean!

Those who have purchased this Scanpan grill pan have given it 5 stars.This Grill Pan will bring the casual cooking of the backyard into the comfort of your home kitchen.

For over twenty years, Scanpan has offered both professional and home cooks the most technologically sophisticated non-stick cookware on the market.

Scanpan’s signature Classic line is manufactured in Denmark from pressure cast aluminium that heats evenly and will never warp. With a 10 year warranty that covers against chipping, flaking, heat blisters and cracking. Scanpan Classic pans feature ergonomic cool-touch phenolic handles secured with a patented screwless assembly that will never loosen. Safe for use with all hobs except induction.

Manufacture: Solid pressure-cast aluminium
Surface: Newtek ceramic titanium nonstick
Handle: Spring-locked phenolic plastic (oven-safe to 260C)
Lid: No
Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 4cm
Length (inc. handle): 45.5 cm
Weight: 2kg
Origin: Denmark
Metal utensil safe: Yes
Cleaning/care: Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended
Warranty: 10 years
Induction Compatible: No
Gift Boxed – No

SCANPAN debuts worlds first PFOA-free process for non-stick cookware

Scanpan have introduced a PFOA-free (perfluorooctanoic acid) process for our patented ceramic-titanium nonstick surface.

About Scanpan

Scanpan cookware has always been PFOA-free. However, the recent concerns linked to PFOA and its environmental impact has prompted Scanpan to develop a PTFE compound that would not require a PFOA emulsifier.

Prior to Green Tek, PFOA supported the polymerization of PTFE however it was always extracted after the production process, so by the time the nonstick compound was applied to the pan surface, PFOA was no longer present.

We want to tell our customers without any kind of reservation that SCANPAN® cookware is completely PFOA free AT ANY STAGE of the manufacturing process.

The new nonstick compound continues to work flawlessly in conjunction with our patented ceramic-titanium technology, so the customer will see no difference in the product’s superior performance.

The new surface named Green Tek is available on SCANPAN Classic, SCANPAN Professional and the latest addition  SCANPAN’s patented ceramic-titanium nonstick family, SCANPAN CTX.

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