Savannah Classic Coffee Grinder

Savannah Classic Coffee Grinder

Quick Overview

Grind your favourite coffee beans with this old fashioned grinder from Savannah. The Classic Coffee Grinder is easy to use and fully adjustable for fine to course grinds.

The Savannah Classic Coffee Grinder is a fully adjustable manual coffee grinder that you can use anywhere to grind your choice of coffee beans. The hopper efficiently grinds fine to course and everything in between. It can be used to make coffee for stovetop espresso makers, coffee plungers and even to fill reusable coffee pods.  

Key Features:

  • Savannah Classic Coffee Grinder
  • Fully adjustable grind setting – fine to course 
  • Coffee grounds deposited into removable drawer
  • Portable – great for camping and outdoors
  • 5 year quality guarantee


About Savannah

Relatively new to the industry, Savannah is fast becoming renowned for great product design and durability at affordable prices. Designed in Australia, their kitchen tools & gadgets are tried and tested for functionality and quality, guarantying products that are simple, practical and long lasting.

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