S&P Osara Wooden Lazy Susan 40cm

S&P Osara Wooden Lazy Susan 40cm

Quick Overview

Maximize space with the S&P Osara Wooden Lazy Susan. The generous size is perfect for serving everything from dips and cheese to tapas and desserts. 

A wooden turntable is a must have for home entertaining. Whether you have a large dining table, kitchen bench or outdoor entertaining area, the rotating board allows you to maximize space while making it easy for everyone to reach all sides of the board. SALT & PEPPER’s Osara Lazy Susan has simple style that will suit any home, decor and occasion. The wooden surface is perfect for serving straight from the board, or arranging bowls and plates of food so they can be easily rotated and reached by guests. 


Key Features:

  • S&P Osara Wooden Lazy Susan
  • Diameter: 40cm
  • Wooden board with rotating base
  • Turning function makes it easy to reach all sides 
  • Makes a great statement piece for kitchen or dining table
  • Perfect for large tables and benches


About Salt & Pepper

Australia’s own Salt & Pepper believes that the tools you use in your kitchen can be as distinctive as your personal style. Spicy in attitude and designed with a co-ordinated look in mind. Salt & Pepper makes it easy to create a decor you’ll love at an affordable price. “Fashion for your home”.

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