Raco Commercial Stainless Steel Saucepan 20cm

Raco Commercial Stainless Steel Saucepan 20cm

Quick Overview

The Raco Commercial Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cookware is perfect for everyday cooking! The Raco Commercial 20cm Saucepan is made from 18/10 stainless steel, with durable riveted handles and practical tempered glass lid. Suitable for all cooktops, including induction, oven and dishwasher safe.  

Stainless steel cookware is favoured by professional chefs for it’s resilience, excellent heat transfer and flavour preservation. Raco Commercial brings this practicality to everyday cooks with the perfect piece for every task. The Raco Commercial 20cm saucepan is stylish and versatile, perfect for pasta, sauces, steaming and more. Constructed with quality 18/10 stainless steel and durable riveted handles, it has a large 3.8 litre capacity and features interior measurements for precise recipes. Including a tempered glass lid to lock in flavours and nutrients, this non-porous saucepan doesn’t absorb flavours or leach metallic properties into foods for better tasting results every time. Fitted with a full impact induction base, it is suitable for all cooktops, including induction, is oven safe to 260ºC and dishwasher safe. Stainless steel is highly resistant to scratching making it safe to use with metal utensils, and all Raco Commercial cookware is backed by a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Raco Commercial Saucepan 
  • 20cm Diameter
  • Capacity: 3.8 litres
  • 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Riveted stainless steel handles
  • Includes tempered glass lid
  • Full impact induction base
  • Features interior measurements
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Oven safe to 260ºC
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all cooktops
  • Lifetime guarantee

About Raco

Raco has been a well-recognised kitchenware brand providing affordable and quality products to Australian kitchens and families since 1948. They stock a wide range of products and ranges to suit all tastes, needs and budgets, these include utensils, knives, gadgets and more, as well as stainless steel, enamel, hard anodised and caststone cookware. Their products are guaranteed to be reliable and dependable, making preparing meals easier for busy Australian families.


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