Pyrolux Pyrosteel 3 Tier Steamer Set 18cm

Pyrolux Pyrosteel 3 Tier Steamer Set 18cm

Quick Overview

The Pyrosteel 3 tier steamer set provides healthy and flexible cooking with it’s excellent nutrient and vitamin retention. Made from quality stainless steel, it’s induction and dishwasher safe, and includes a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Steaming is a great way to create healthy meals as it retains vitamins and minerals, requires no fat, and leaves veggies full of flavour. This 3 Tier Steamer Set by Pyrosteel allows you to cook different vegetables at once, and add or remove tiers as needed. The set includes two steamers and an 18cm stockpot that can also be used with the tempered lid individually as a casserole, and is suitable for all cooking hobs, including induction. Made from quality stainless steel, all components are dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

Set includes:

  • 1 x 18cm Pot
  • 2 x 18cm Steamer
  • 1 x 18cm Lid

Key Features:

  • Pyrosteel 3 Tier Steamer Set
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Cook multiple foods at the same time
  • Excellent nutrient and vitamin retention
  • Effective on all hobs including induction
  • Future proof design
  • Comfortable handles secured with heavy duty rivets
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited lifetime warranty

About Pyrolux

Made to commercial standards, Pyrolux has made their Pyrostone and Pyrocast ranges for the domestic market. Many home cooks are accomplished and serious about applying professional techniques in their kitchens, and they have delivered the Pyrolux cookware ranges especially to fill the needs of this market.

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