Peer Sorensen Black Bamboo Serving Board 60x22cm

Peer Sorensen Black Bamboo Serving Board 60x22cm

Quick Overview

Serve in style with the Peer Sorensen Black Bamboo Serving Board. The large uniquely shaped paddle board is perfect for entertaining or everyday chopping, having antibacterial properties and being gentle on knives, plus its unique colour and shape give it effortless style no matter what the occasion. 

The Peer Sorensen Black Bamboo Collection of kitchen boards are perfect for entertaining as well as kitchen prep tasks. Made from bamboo these boards have natural anti-bacterial characteristics and are gentle on kitchen knives making them ideal for everyday use. The Black bamboo colour and bold shape provide contemporary style that is wonderful for serving anything from bread, cheeses and dips, meat or antipasto. Each board has its own unique grain and is treated to preserve the individuality of the timber, with hand washing and regular seasoning it will last for years to come.  

Key Features

  • Peer Sorensen Serving Board
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 22cm x 2cm
  • Black bamboo construction
  • Perfect for serving and chopping
  • Gently on knives
  • Natural anti-Bacterial properties
  • Each board has it’s own unique grain
  • Hand wash & season regularly

About Peer Sorensen

Peer Sorensen has been constructing timber cutting boards for well over 25 years. Originally made out of precious Tasmanian hardwoods, the company evolved and became more environmentally aware, as a result now making their boards out of sustainable Acacia hardwood. This wood has excellent anti-bacterial characteristics, is attractive and displays exceptional durability. You will adore this range of Acacia chopping boards from Peer Sorensen; a proud Australian tradition!

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