Mondo Cake Decorating Turntable 30cm

Mondo Cake Decorating Turntable 30cm

Quick Overview

Perfectly decorate your favourite cakes with the Mondo Decorating Turntable. Designed to help bakers decorate with precision and less strain. The smooth spinning action is great for levelling cakes and smoothing icing and can be quickly stopped when you want to add fine details and decorations.

This cake decorating turntable from Mondo will help you through every phase of the cake decorating process. The heavy duty ball bearing ensures a smooth rotating action while you level, ice, smooth and add detailed decorations to your cakes. It can accommodate bakes up to 30cm in diameter, and features markings in both cm and inches on the top for quick reference. The raised base allows icing and decorations to be added all the way to the base of your cake comfortably. It is no-slip and can be locked to provide stability while adding delicate details. 

Key Features:

  • Mondo Cake Decorating Turntable
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 8cm
  • Perfect for all stages of decorating – levelling, icing and decorating
  • Smooth rotating action with heavy duty ball bearing
  • Raised base and non-slip feet
  • Locking brake to secure cake while decorating
  • Platform features measurements in cm and inches
  • Hand wash

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