Maverick Cast Iron Press

Maverick Cast Iron Press

Quick Overview

Cook the perfect Sandwich, Panini, Burger, bacon and more with the Maverick Cast Iron Press. You can use it in the kitchen, open campfire or on your BBQ.

With the Davis & Waddell Maverick Cast Iron Press you can cook the perfect panini, toasted sandwich, bacon and more, by using your frying/grill pan or BBQ and the Maverick Cast Iron Press. Cook your toasted sandwiches on the BBQ Grill quickly and evenly by pressing down on your food surface with this handy tool. It’s also great for cooking bacon without it curling. The handle is designed to keep cool during the cooking process, while the cast iron press conducts and contains heat well, allowing for an even cook. The press is compatible with all heat sources, so it will work on the open campfire, in the kitchen or on the BBQ.

Key Features:

  • Davis & Waddell Maverick Cast Iron Press
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm
  • Heavy-duty ribbed cast iron press
  • Conducts heat well allowing for even cooking
  • Stay cool Acacia wooden handle 
  • Ideal for making grilled sandwiches and panini’s
  • Keeps your bacon and burgers flat while cooking
  • Suitable for cooking on the stovetop, open campfire, and barbecue
  • Hand wash only
  • Gift Boxed

About Davis & Waddell Maverick

Davis and Waddell is a well-known and loved Australian kitchenware brand. In existence for more than 20 years, it combines the latest trends with classic style and provides all the kitchen essentials you’ll ever need.

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