MasterPro The Ultimate Pizza Oven with Window Red

MasterPro The Ultimate Pizza Oven with Window Red

Quick Overview

Create authentic style pizza at home with the MasterPro Ultimate Pizza Oven! It cooks perfectly crisp pizza in just five minutes! Glass window allows you to monitor cooking without opening the lid. Includes timer and paddles for serving. 

The Ultimate Pizza Oven by MasterPro cooks your favourite pizza to perfection every time! Duel heating elements reach temperatures of up to 400ºC and cook pizzas in as little as 5 minutes; perfect for feeding your hungry family in a hurry! The Ultimate Pizza Oven is easy to use and gives you professional results every time. Simply preheat for 10 minutes, place the dough onto the ceramic stone, build your pizza to your taste, close lid and adjust the heat. You can watch pizza through the glass window on top and remove when desired, or use the built in timer to alert you when time is up. The removable stone does not need cleaning, just scrap off any toppings that have overflowed, it can even be used to heat up party pies, sausage rolls, zucchini slice, apple pie and more.

Key Features:

  • MasterPro The Ultimate Pizza Oven with Window
  • Dimensions: 38.5cm x 33cm x 19cm
  • Create a perfect, crispy base every time
  • Cooks a pizza in 5 minutes
  • Dual cooking elements heat up to 400ºC
  • Removable ceramic pizza stone evenly cooks base
  • Includes two stainless steel paddles to easily remove your pizza
  • Perfect for heating up party pies, sausage rolls, toasted sandwiches, apple pie and more
  • 12 month warranty

About MasterPro

MasterPro is a professional grade kitchenware brand that equips the home chef with the tools to cook like an expert. MasterPro’s products are designed for superior function, durability and style. Their extensive product selection from high performing, non-stick bakeware to the latest chefs’ tools makes MasterPro the ultimate kitchenware brand.

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