MasterPro Revitalising Mineral Oil 200ml

MasterPro Revitalising Mineral Oil 200ml

Quick Overview

Keep wooden cutting boards, serving bowls and utensils in optimum condition with MasterPro Revitalising Mineral Oil. Food grade pure mineral oil protects against splitting, absorbing oils and stains.

MASTERPRO’s Revitalising Mineral Oil is a clear and odourless mineral oil that can be used to treat a wide range of wooden kitchen items and tools. The pure mineral oil is food safe and FDA approved making it suitable for all food preparation surfaces. Simply spray and rub wooden cutting boards, serving bowls and platters, even wooden spoons and utensils, to prevent splitting and absorption of odours and stains. 

Key Features:

  • MasterPro Revitalising Mineral Oil 200ml
  • Pure mineral oil
  • Food safe (FDA approved)
  • Clear and odourless
  • Protect wooden surfaces from splitting, absorbing odours and stains
  • Suitable for wooden chopping boards, bowls and utensils
  • Handy spray bottle


About MasterPro

MasterPro is a professional grade kitchenware brand that equips the home chef with the tools to cook like an expert. MasterPro’s products are designed for superior function, durability and style. Their extensive product selection from high performing, non-stick bakeware to the latest chefs’ tools makes MasterPro the ultimate kitchenware brand.

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