MasterPro Nonstick Baking Tray 35cm x 25cm

MasterPro Nonstick Baking Tray 35cm x 25cm

Quick Overview

MasterPro’s quality Quantum 2 non-stick 35cm Baking Tray is the ideal pan for baking sheet cakes, cookies and pastries. It’s generous size means it’s also perfect for grilling and roasting. It’s dishwasher safe, PFOA, PTFE and BPA Free!

This versatile 35cm Baking Tray from MasterPro is the perfect non stick pan to bake a variety of foods such as sheet cakes, biscuits, pastries and cookies. It’s also suitable for grilling and roasting. The MasterPro bakeware is the ultimate bakeware collection for any kitchen. Constructed from a heavy duty commercial grade steel, the Quantum2 non-stick coating will give great food release every time so that you can cook with confidence. The sturdy construction, which carries a twenty year guarantee and five year warranty on the non-stick coating, makes it suitable for any job. 

Key Features

  • MasterPro Baking Tray Non Stick 
  • Dimensions: 35cm x25cm
  • Heavy Duty
  • Quantum 2 double non stick coating
  • Ideal for baking sheet cakes, large batches of cookies and pastries
  • Suitable for grilling and roasting
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • PFOA, PTFE and BPA Free
  • 20 year guarantee (5 years non-stick)

About MasterPro

MasterPro is a professional grade kitchenware brand that equips the home chef with the tools to cook like an expert. MasterPro’s products are designed for superior function, durability and style. Their extensive product selection from high performing, non-stick bakeware to the latest chefs’ tools makes MasterPro the ultimate kitchenware brand.

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