Le Creuset Toughened Glass Lid 30cm

Le Creuset Toughened Glass Lid 30cm

Quick Overview

Le Creuset 30cm Toughened Glass Lid is one of a range of heat-resistant glass lids that complement the Toughened Non-Stick and enamelled Cast Iron cookware ranges.

Le Creuset offers a range of heat-resistant glass lids to complement its Toughened Non-Stick and enamelled Cast Iron cookware ranges* .

The see-through glass lid allows you to check the food you are cooking without disturbing the cooking progress or temperature. It retains moisture and flavour and converts a conventional frying pan into one for poaching, braising or casseroling.*Not recommended for use with Le Creuset 3-ply Stainless Steel cookware.


  • Guarantee: Lifetime
  • Oven safe: Yes up to 220C
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Microwave safe: No

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick pans are manufactured from premium materials that will provide the best in durability and cooking performance. Each pan is made from heavy gauge, forged aluminium that has been specially treated to provide a strong, toughened finish that will withstand the demands of everyday use. Each pan spreads heat evenly and efficiently, so there are no hot spots in your cooking. The specially constructed base incorporates a magnetic, stainless steel disk that provides extra strength and stability to the pan and makes it suitable for use on all heat sources including the latest induction hobs.

Both the interior and exterior of each pan are finished with one of the most modern, toughened non-stick finishes available providing superb release of food and easy cleaning – every day.

Optional heat-resistant glass lids are available to buy separately.


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