Le Creuset Stoneware Platter With Cutting Board Marseille

Le Creuset Stoneware Platter With Cutting Board Marseille

Quick Overview

Le Creuset’s Stoneware Platter is a great addition to any home entertainer’s collection. The durable enamel surface is hygienic and durable, and the large size can accommodate a huge selection of foods. Includes removable beechwood board insert that’s great for cheeses! 

Le Creuset stoneware is coated with an enamel surface that is hygienic and durable, easy to clean and both scratch and stain resistant, it also wont absorb odours or flavours. It’s safe for use in the microwave, freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and broiler, making it extremely versatile and practical. The Stoneware Platter is a great size for entertaining and includes a removable beachwood board perfect for presenting cheeses, dips, appetizers and more. 

Key Features:

  • Le Creuset Stoneware Platter With Cutting Board Marseille
  • Platter dimensions: 37×3.5cm
  • Board dimensions: 21×2.5cm
  • Stoneware platter with beechwood board insert
  • Platter resist staining, chipping and cracking 
  • Won’t absorb odours and flavours 
  • Grill and oven safe to 260°C 
  • Microwave safe 
  • Fridge and freezer safe 
  • Platter dishwasher safe
  • Board hand wash only
  • Gift boxed
  • 5 year warranty


About Le Creuset

Le Creuset began producing its first porcelain enamelled cast iron pots in 1925 from its foundry in Fresnoy le Grand, France. It is from this base that Le Creuset continues to produce its world famous cast iron pots. While Le Creuset has expanded the types of products it offers and has taken advantage of many technological advances since its beginnings in 1925, some things have not changed in the manufacture of Le Creuset’s cast iron. Le Creuset has continued to use the hand-crafted techniques and the original process of forging and casting in the manufacturing of its cookware. This attention to its heritage is also characteristic of the design. The Cocotte, or French Oven, was one of the first cast iron items produced by Le Creuset and is still the most popular item sold in a range of bright retro colours, with Volcanic (orange) the company’s trademark. Le Creuset is now sold in more than 60 countries around the world including the US, UK, Japan and Australia.

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