Kitchen Works Glass Sugar Dispenser

Kitchen Works Glass Sugar Dispenser

Quick Overview

Store and serve sugar with the Kitchen Works Glass Sugar Dispenser. Cafe-style design looks great on table settings and is easy for everyone to use.

Achieve classic diner-style presentation at home with servingware from Kitchen Works. This sugar dispenser is perfect for keeping sugar on hand for coffee and tea. The glass body is fitted with a stainless steel lid and pouring spout for easy use.

Key Features:

  • Kitchen Works Glass Sugar Dispenser
  • Diner-style design
  • Glass body with stainless steel lid
  • Easy to use pourer 
  • Great for serving and storing
  • Perfect for sugar and powders

About D.Line

D.Line is Donaldson Enterprises signature brand producing a wide range of products including kitchen tools, utensils, accessories and homeware gadgets. Donaldson has been building its reputation as a consistent supplier of new and innovative products since 1975. The range now includes more than 1700 kitchen and homeware items and continues to grow and bring new exciting products into the Australian market.

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