Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Tapas Board Small

Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Tapas Board Small

Quick Overview

Bring the look and feel of wood into your kitchen, in the most stylish way possible, with Ironwood Gourmet’s range of wooden kitchen boards. Crafted from genuine Acacia wood, each board has been meticulously crafted with an end-grain texture for a beautiful rustic finish.

Ironwood Gourmet Tapas Boards are made from sustainable acacia wood known for it’s rich, gold and chocolate, contrasting patterns. This hard wearing wood makes these boards perfect not only for entertaining guests with tapas, breads or cheese platters, but for everyday chopping and preparing meals.  

Key Features:

  • Made from acacia wood, a non-endangered species
  • Not harvested from rainforests
  • Requires occasional oiling to remain in top condition
  • Double-sided board 
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water
  • Dimensions: 38cm x 16cm 


About Ironwood

Ironwood Gourmet uses environmentally friendly Acacia wood for it’s entire woodware range. The natural contrast in Acacia lends every item a high end look which sets the brand apart from traditional woodware.

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