Ecology Classic DOF Tumbler Set of 6

Ecology Classic DOF Tumbler Set of 6

Quick Overview

If you’re looking for elegant, durable and environmentally conscious glassware then look no further than these Ecology Classic European Double Old Fashion Tumblers. A classic design perfect for everyday use or entertaining. It even makes the perfect gift! The Ecology Classic D.O.F. Tumbler Set is dishwashers safe making it ideal for any home or workplace.

The Ecology Classic D.O.F. Tumblers are a classic shape tumbler perfect for any occasion!  Designed with the environment in mind, Ecology aims to deliver products that have had every aspect of the production and development process considered.  Made with recycled glass and recycled packaging, you can enjoy your beverage knowing you have also helped reduce your carbon footprint!  

Key Features:

  • – Ecology Classic European Glass Tumblers
  • – Set of 6
  • – 370ml Capacity
  • – 9.5cm high x 8.5cm wide
  • – Made from Recycled Glass
  • – Recycled and recyclable packaging
  • – Dishwasher Safe
  • – Made in Slovakia
  • – Developed in Australia


About Ecology

Ecology offers three core glass ranges to provide consumers with a glass to match any dining occaison. Consisting of Classic, Event, and Stemless, the three designs have been chosen for their simplicity and timeless appeal. Ecology philosophy is to reduce the environmental impact of the products and packaging used in everyday life, every aspect of Ecology’s development and manufacture is considered prior to production.

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