Davis & Waddell Taste Electric Party Grill

Davis & Waddell Taste Electric Party Grill

Quick Overview

You can now entertain in style with the Davis & Waddell Taste 8 person Party Grill. This miniature tabletop grill is just the thing for an evening of gourmet treats with family or friends. It’s sure to impress!

Be inspired by these delicious partyy ideas with the Electric Party Grill by Davis & Waddell. This grill features two plates – one non-stick grill and one natural stone grill – suitable for a variety of food styles, including Korean Barbecues, Mexican, Tapas, Seafood and even pancakes!

Key Features:

  • Electric grill with thermostat control.
  • Two different grill plates suitable for a variety of foods; a non-stick grill, and a natural stone grill.
  • Non-stick grill plate is reversible.
  • 8 miniature non-stick pans can be used for serving and keeping warm food.
  • Great for small gatherings of eight (or fewer).
  • Party ideas include Korean BBQ, Mexican, tapas, raclette, seafood and pancake parties!
  • Includes power cable.
  • 12 month warranty.
  • Dimensions: 46 x 23 x 14cm


Davis and Waddell® is a well-known and loved Australian kitchenware brand. In existence for more than 20 years, it combines the latest trends with classic style and provides all the kitchen essentials you’ll ever need. Along with the core range of Davis & Waddell products, there are nine ranges themed by cuisine or a specific use. They are Taste for servingware, Fresh for food preparation, Leaf & Bean for tea and coffee preparation, Maverick for all your BBQ needs, Rise & Shine for breakfast time, Asia One for cooking Eastern-style, Terra for Mediterranean cuisine, Napoli for all things Italian-o and Balance for a healthy lifestyle!

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