Davis & Waddell Essentials Roasting & Basting Set 10 Piece

Davis & Waddell Essentials Roasting & Basting Set 10 Piece

Quick Overview

The perfect roasting accessorie set to make the perfect roast!!
This 10 Piece set has everything you need to make mouth-watering roasts.

 Davis & Waddell 10 piece roasting and basting set

Set Includes:

  • 1x Turkey/Roast baster with cleaning brush
  • 1x Silicone basting brush
  • 1x Roast meat thermometer
  • 1x Flavour injector
  • 6x Re-usable silicone ties (for wrapping around roasts etc..)



  • Turkey/Roast baster tube is made from heat resistent (to 138 degrees celcius) polycarbonate with silicone bulb. 
         The tube has graduated measurements for calculated cooking.
  • The cleaning brush (included) will help you keep the interior of the basting tube spotless
  • Flexible silcone head on basting brush won’t become soggy, and can withstand high temperatures (260)
  • Roast meat thermometer dial displays the meat’s exact temperature to achieve the desired degree of cooking.
  • The flavour injector will inject marinades and other juices into your meat for amazing flavour and moisture retention.
  • 6 Silicone ties to easily tie and hold food securely when roasting, baking or steaming.
         Easy to remove after cooking, easy to clean and can be used over and over again.
About Davis & Waddell

Davis and Waddell® is a well-known and loved Australian kitchenware brand. In existence for more than 20 years, it embodies classic style and provides all the kitchen essentials you’ll ever need. Along with the core range of Davis & Waddell products, there are eight collections themed by cuisine or a specific use. They are Fresh® for food preparation, Taste® for servingware, Leaf & Bean for tea and coffee prepartion, Maverick® for all your BBQ needs, Rise & Shine® for breakfast time, Asia One® for oriental cooking, Terra® for Mediterranean cuisine, and Napoli® for all things Italian-o! We think telling a story with food and being inspired to indulge in a meal is as just as important as maintaining a healthy diet. We hope you enjoy the Davis & Waddell story.

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