Davis & Waddell Amhara Vacuum Flask 500ml

Davis & Waddell Amhara Vacuum Flask 500ml

Quick Overview

Take your favourite hot drinks on the road, to work, uni or school and enjoy them at the perfect temperature with Davis & Waddell Amhara Vacuum Flasks. Vacuum insulated with durable double wall stainless steel interior and exterior.

The stylish and functional Davis & Waddell Amhara Vacuum flasks are the perfect companion to take with you anywhere anytime. Made from durable stainless steel, these flasks are double walled and vacuum insulated, allowing you to pack your favourite hot drink or soup in the morning to enjoy later in the day wherever you are.  For best results preheat the flask with boiling water for 1 minute before filling it with your hot beverage. 

Key Features:

  • Davis & Waddell Amhara Vacuum Flask
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Keeps beverage hot or cold for longer
  • Vacuum insulated and double walled
  • Durable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Hand wash only
  • Screw top lid
  • Wide opening to eaily fill
  • 2 assorted designs

About Davis & Waddell

Davis and Waddell® is a well-known and loved Australian kitchenware brand. In existence for more than 20 years, it embodies classic style and provides all the kitchen essentials you’ll ever need. Along with the core range of Davis & Waddell products, there are eight collections themed by cuisine or a specific use. They are Fresh® for food preparation, Taste® for servingware, Leaf & Bean for tea and coffee preparation, Maverick® for all your BBQ needs, Rise & Shine® for breakfast time, Asia One® for oriental cooking, Terra® for Mediterranean cuisine, and Napoli® for all things Italian-o! We think telling a story with food and being inspired to indulge in a meal is as just as important as maintaining a healthy diet. We hope you enjoy the Davis & Waddell story.

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