Chef Inox Seafood Platter Stand 190mm

Chef Inox Seafood Platter Stand 190mm

Quick Overview

Entertain in style with the Chef Inox Platter Stand. This functional plate stand helps you create extra space on your table top by raising your plate or platter up high. The area underneath can be used to store condiments.

Turn any large plate or platter into a stylish display with this handy plate stand by Chef Inox. Create extra space on your table and display your food in style. This chrome plated seafood platter stand is both strong and durable. For smaller platters ensure the biggest circle is resting flat on the table, and when using larger platters place the smaller circle flat on your table or bench.

Key Features:

  • Seafood Platter Stand
  • Height: 190mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Perfect for large plates or platters
  • Base or top can be used to place platters on
  • Creates extra space on table
  • Stylish

About Chef Inox

Chef Inox kitchenware has been designed to be reliable, durable and easy to maintain making it a firm favourite with Chefs and home chef’s alike. As one of the most established kitchenware brands in Australian hospitality, Chef Inox is an industry pioneer for commercial tools of the trade that assist in the cooking and preparation of food.

Encompassing cookware, bakeware, utensils and accessories, Chef Inox has consistently built on their foundations of its core range by introducing innovative new products that coincide with new cooking techniques and technologies. Represented by a broad variety of styles and materials, the Chef Inox brands and sub-brands help customers to identify the different features of products by highlighting the benefits and capabilities of each range.

In 2014, Chef Inox introduced several new ranges and the launch of fresh branding represented by a new logo and colour scheme to compliment the evolution and expansion of the Chef Inox brand. Chef Inox recognise that people at home want to experience the brands quality and thus our range has been extended, tailored and beautifully packaged for the retail market to deliver products to the needs of ‘at home’ users.

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