Avanti Chef’s Stainless Steel Carving Tray 35.5 x 25.5cm

Avanti Chef’s Stainless Steel Carving Tray 35.5 x 25.5cm

Quick Overview

Carve your next roast on this easy clean, easy carve and easy serve carving tray. Stainless steel means it’s a breeze to clean and is hygienic. The spikes stop meat from sliding, and makes it easy to carve up your favourite roast dinner! Serve straight from the tray!

Avanti Chef’s Stainless Steel Carving Tray 35.5 x 25.5 .



  • High grade stainless steel.
  • Professional quality
  • 5 Spikes to hold meat in place
  • 5 Spike covers for safe storage
  • 2cm deep rim to collect meat juice for gravy’s etc…
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime guarantee


About Avanti

For nearly 20 years Avanti have been creating the brand of choice for culinary professionals, serious amateurs and home cooks alike. Avanti strives to develop functional and high-quality homeware products for your everyday enjoyment and pleasure in the kitchen and around the home. The Avanti brand caters to all of your homeware needs with an extensive range of barware, kitchenware and cookware products and includes invaluable items for the outdoors, where the brand is as much at home as it is in the kitchen. Always ahead of the market, Avanti continues to be a recognized household name leader in homewares providing value and elegant products across their range of tea and coffee, utensils, food preparation, and the most recent addition, Australian designed twin wall glassware.

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