Anna Gare Jar Tumblers With Lid & Straw Set of 6

Anna Gare Jar Tumblers With Lid & Straw Set of 6

Quick Overview

Serve up classic favourites like iced lemonade or your favourite cocktails while adding a charming touch to summer entertaining with this vintage-inspired jam-jar tumbler set from Anna Gare.

Pair your home-made lemonade with this set of 6 Jar Tumblers by Anna Gare and you’ll be sipping in quirky style! These tumblers resemble jam jars, with fun multi-coloured checkered lids. Fill them with Anna’s Party Ginger Lemonade, or some pretty cocktails for a laid-back summer party.

Jar Tumbler Set of 6 With Lids and Straws Features:

  • Designed in Australia.
  • Made from glass.
  • Recommended for use with cold beverages.
  • Presented as a set of six in an Anna Gare box, with a recipe for her Party Ginger Lemonade on the side!
  • Set of 6, reusable straws included.
  • x2 Red, x2 green x2 orange Lids.
  • Hand wash and dry lids, glass bottoms dishwasher safe.
  • Capacity: 450ml.
  • Dimensions: D8 x H13cm
  • Drink dispenser pictured serving suggestion only, not included


Inspired by her own personal collection of vintage dresses and servingware collected over the years, noted chef Anna Gare of Masterchef Juniors fame has designed a fabulous line of kitchen accessories. With her modern spin on retro styling, Anna Gare fuses quality design with trendy prints and colours to bring you a zesty range of kitchen essentials.

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